CashBack Forex Brokers

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What is CashBack in Forex trading

When you open a trading account with one of our listed brokers through our links, we receive a part of the spread or commission on every trade you make as compensation for introducing you to them.

We, in turn, share a portion of our compensation with you in the form of a rebate, as thank you for signing up with us. The rebate you receive is a partial return of your trading costs (spread and/or commission) on winning and/or losing trades, making your trading more profitable.

Your spreads, commissions, and execution conditions remain the same as if you opened up directly with the broker.


How Do I Start Getting Paid For My Trades?

Just follow these steps:

  • Sign Up for a free profile on this site.
  • Choose a broker and click the link or icon, then follow the instructions on the next page. You will receive a confirmation email from us when completed.
  • Visit “My Payout Methods” in your profile tab and update your payment information.
  • Begin actively trading the account, and wait for your cash back payments to arrive.

As referrers, your broker pays us a portion of the spread or commission they charge you each time you place a trade.

As said, this commission is taken from the broker’s marketing budget, so your spreads, costs, and service stay the same.

When you open an account through us, your spreads and commissions will be exactly same as those offered on the broker’s website.

How so? The broker pays the introducing broker (us) part of the spread as compensation for referring a trader to them.

The trader gets access to the same tight spreads that are available to all other clients of the brokerage.

We, in turn, share a potion of our compensation with our clients as a cash refund on every trade they take; as a way of saying thank you for signup up through us.

Thus, you will receive exactly the same spreads, commission, execution, and other levels of service from your chosen Forex broker as if registering direct with that broker.

The only difference is that, by opening your account through us, you will receive cash back.


If you prefer, you can even start with a demo account. We think it is always a good idea to test your strategy, idea and/or broker conditions with a demo account. When you feel confident enough to begin trading for real, come back to our website to open a live trading account and begin receiving your rebates.


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Choose your broker and get Cashbacks


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