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Forex Robot Volatility Factor: 88% since January 2013, -5.5% in 2014


Volatility factor Forex Robot is performing +88% since the start of the system, back in Jan 2013, but down 5.5% this year 2014, with a draw down of 27,755.




Of the total number of trades (607), 387 (64%) have been profitable and 220 (36%) have ended in a losing position.


Looking month by month, we see a situation of good and constant performance in 2013 but a flat situation in January – September 2014 and a negative October, with a performance of  -10% month-to-date in October and -5,5% in the cumulated period January-October 7th 2014.

The negative performance of 2014 has been determined by the loss of 10,02% of the month of October 2014 to date.


Volatility Factor Forex Robot – Monthly returns since 2013

Volatility factor is a REAL account Forex Robot to be used within the Metatrader framwork; the trades record and the trading priviliges are verified by



Volatility Factor

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