Myfxbook Weekly Tracked Accounts Report 13-17 June 2016

NameBalanceEquityChangePipsProfitSizingWin %Short TradesLong TradesAvg. Trade Length
Splitter FX R$38072.99$37666.82+2.94%+6.7+$1086.6317.44 Lots62%32322d copy
REV Trader PRO REAL$184673.53$184673.53+0.75%+70.3+$1383.208.67 Lots100%2211h 57m copy
WallStreet ASIA DEMO All Pairs – 2$4043.85$4043.85+1.47%+28.4+$58.562.43 Lots83%3310h 8m copy
KeltnerPRO – Jared$424297.70$424297.70+2.20%+37.0+$9134.00100.00 Lots50%043h 17m copy
PowerFlow EA (2nd acc)No trading activity for the past week copy
FXStabilizer – Turbo$32977.89$32977.89+12.23%+65.0+$3593.3016.02 Lots75%048h 34m copy
GPS Robot FxChoice 100k$456332.97$456332.97+0.17%+1.9+$760.0040.00 Lots100%012h 10m copy
Fondo Forex 1PrivatePrivate-4.09%-103.0PrivatePrivate63%24202h 9m
Cyrus EA Lite MultiPrivatePrivate-7.25%-177.0PrivatePrivate40%1232h 13m copy
Volatility Factor EA v7.0 EURUSD$2796.05$2796.05-13.30%-257.3-$428.921.76 Lots54%748h 12m copy
PushTheTrend Lite (old version)$328.02$328.02-17.21%-262.3-$68.200.35 Lots14%592h 30m copy
FX Monetizer Real AccountNo trading activity for the past week copy
Million Dollar PipsNo trading activity for the past week copy
Vortex Trader PRO$63636.93$63636.93-8.34%-193.3-$5790.6612.00 Lots50%4019h 57m copy
Cyrus EA Lite EURUSD$118.44$118.44-4.48%-52.0-$5.560.06 Lots50%333h 28m copy
Forex Growth BotNo trading activity for the past week copy
FXOxygen_Secure_Verified$36418.37$36347.37+0.17%-23.0+$60.920.72 Lots50%222d copy
Forex Invest BotNo trading activity for the past week copy
Forex Diamond EA Real All PairsGLD2895.60GLD2944.60-4.19%-232.8-GLD126.723.72 Lots69%28272h 37m copy
Forex Trend Detector$2654.41$2654.41+0.51%+45.8+$13.560.03 Lots100%103h 28m copy
FX_Secret_Combo$7609.77$7548.60+5.32%+42.0+$384.432.10 Lots62%261d copy
MFM5 FXChoice$3620.00$3620.00+1.74%+32.6+$61.942.00 Lots50%061h 6m copy
FX21-DMAMPrivatePrivate-1.64%-1530.6PrivatePrivate57%729011h 49m copy
WallStreet$5259.17$3253.08-12.82%-650.7-$773.263.52 Lots55%1285d copy

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