Myfxbook Weekly Tracked Accounts Report 20-24 June 2016

NameBalanceEquityChangePipsProfitSizingWin %Short TradesLong TradesAvg. Trade Length
Splitter FX R$32779.20$32779.20-13.90%-1046.4-$5293.795.00 Lots46%1054d copy
REV Trader PRO REAL$182415.97$182415.97-1.22%-115.6-$2257.5621.52 Lots45%11011h 21m copy
WallStreet ASIA DEMO All Pairs – 2$5020.15$5019.19-100.00%+226.7+$1040.965.62 Lots75%845h 31m copy
KeltnerPRO – Jared$346147.70$346147.70-18.42%-312.6-$78150.00325.00 Lots7%1211h 5m copy
PowerFlow EA (2nd acc)No trading activity for the past week copy
FXStabilizer – Turbo$37295.40$37295.40+13.09%+145.0+$4317.5111.32 Lots100%224h 7m copy
GPS Robot FxChoice 100k$456732.97$456732.97+0.09%+1.0+$400.0040.00 Lots100%0114m copy
Fondo Forex 1PrivatePrivate-8.74%-975.0PrivatePrivate74%8317430m
Cyrus EA Lite MultiPrivatePrivate-4.17%-120.0PrivatePrivate28%253h 50m copy
Volatility Factor EA v7.0 EURUSD$3579.43$3579.43+28.02%+497.9+$783.387.17 Lots88%301530m copy
PushTheTrend Lite (old version)$254.07$254.07-22.54%-516.0-$73.950.49 Lots18%171054m copy
FX Monetizer Real AccountNo trading activity for the past week copy
Million Dollar PipsNo trading activity for the past week copy
Vortex Trader PRO$61142.01$61142.01-3.92%-82.7-$2494.929.00 Lots66%2110h 58m copy
Cyrus EA Lite EURUSD$107.34$107.34-9.37%-108.0-$11.100.05 Lots20%143h 58m copy
Forex Growth BotNo trading activity for the past week copy
FXOxygen_Secure_Verified$36154.60$36154.60-0.72%-293.4-$263.772.64 Lots25%441d copy
Forex Invest BotNo trading activity for the past week copy
Forex Diamond EA Real All PairsGLD2981.70GLD2809.30+2.97%-331.7+GLD86.102.39 Lots82%17185h 45m copy
Forex Trend Detector$2608.03$2608.03-1.75%-115.5-$46.380.21 Lots16%603h 45m copy
FX_Secret_Combo$7793.95$7793.95+2.42%-148.3+$184.183.10 Lots50%6621h 50m copy
FX21-DMAMPrivatePrivate+1.47%+403.4PrivatePrivate68%55673h 57m copy

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