Performance Forex Robots 11-15 May 2015


Weekly performance of the Forex Robots followed and promoted by TradingMatica.Net


These are the Forex Robots selected by TradingMatica based on verified performance and on consistency of returns; no robot is shown unless the record of trading is verified by third parties, in particular by Myfxbook.

Top Forex Robot performers for last week have been Volatility Factor (+22.67%) and KeltnerPRO (+22.34%), followed by Forex Growth Bot (+8.76%), Forex Invest Bot (+7.82%), Forex Capt (+7.73%), Forex Real Profit (+7.35%),  WallStreet (+5.63%) and  Forex Diamond (+4.80%).

Neutral week for GPS Robot and PowerFlow.

On the negative side, Forex Benz lost 26.6% of its value.

Look at the Monthly Returns Charts and Monthly Pips Gain Charts of the selected Forex Robots to see the performance evolution month by month.



Forex RobotChangePipsWin %Short TradesLong TradesAvg. Trade LengthPerformance
Forex Real Profit+7.35%+363.382%17241h 58mforex robot
GPS Robot+0.38%+4.4100%022h 21m
Volatility Factor+22.67%+1323.478%0323dforex robot
Forex Diamond+4.80%+174.578%13336h 58mforex robot
Forex Invest Bot+7.82%+238.290%0102h 48mforex robot
WallStreet+5.63%+109.786%1142h 53mforex robot
KeltnerPRO+22.34%+194.660%281h 36mforex robot
PowerFlow EA (2nd acc)+0.42%+258.361%144521h 55mforex robot
Forex Benz-26.06%-1435.065%393910h 12mforex robot
PowerFlow EA (3rd acc)+0.47%+58.761%62521h 27mforex robot
Vortex+3.52%+84.0100%083h 45mforex robot
Forex Growth Bot+8.76%+256.360%0108h 33mforex robot
Million Dollar PipsNo activity for the past weekforex robot
Forex Capt+7.73%+225.4100%4618h 29mforex robot
Forex COMBO SystemNo activity for the past weekforex robot